Features Of The Snap-On Smile

Honestly, when we meet a new person, we mostly judge them by the way they look. What if you are a person who has slightly yellowed teeth with gaps in them? It’s not much nevertheless it makes you shy and you don’t like to smile due to that. But because you are not smiling you have a tendency to look grim and this creates a bad impressions with the people you are meeting. Having a wonderful smile could just make your day, brighten up your face and make you look that much more confident. But frankly, you don’t have the time and cash to spend on pricey implants, veneers and laminates!

So what can you do? It is time to try on the Snap-On Grin. You may hate the dentist and you might hate to have any dental treatments done but the Snap-On Grin is one dental procedure that’s sure to make you look bright and pretty in a minute or two. Visit the dentist and ask for the snap on grin. The dentist can fit the new prostheses in under ten minutes and you have a glowing smile prepared. Here are some of the benefits of the snap on grin.

Just snap on the prostheses and get started. This prosthesis is a multi purpose restorative appliance which has been specially designed to sit on top of the natural tooth structure. The dentist can put the device directly on top of your existing teeth and then teach you exactly how to put in on and remove it in fifteen minutes. As a result, you need to use it whenever you wish to and the device sits in place quite nicely.

It does not influence your existing teeth. Most people worry that an appliance will need drilling or cementing to be effective but the Snap-On Smile is not like that. The device can be snapped on to place and it’s also utilised by dentists for a variety of other procedures. For example, aside from cosmetic use, dentists use the Snap-On Grin as a device for raising vertical dimensions, gum splinting, in medically compromised patients who’ve missing teeth, temporary implant covers, partially removable dentures and brief bridges.

The Snap On Grin will look natural. This isn’t a stock gizmo which is picked up ready made from supermarket counters. Each device is personally created to fit your teeth and gums. There will be no discomfort and difficulty as an impression is taken of your teeth and the new Snap-On Grin is made on top of it. Special crystallized acetyl resin is utilized and the colour of the bridge is shown to you by the dentist before finalizing the model.

It stays prepared. The device is made from a special flexible resin that has a built-in flex built into it. Additionally, dentists can build retention locks into the device which make sure that the prosthesis stays in place without movement. The prostheses can stay level for 3-5 years if cared for properly. It is kind of hardy and only a few changes are needed but colour changes may be done if patients request it.


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