Thick Green Vaginal Discharge

A green vaginal discharge can not be an ordinary discharge, and could cause stress when uncovered. This green discharge is a notification of a rather big problem, try to not worry to much as early treatment can stop any harm doing.


The explanation for green vaginal discharge is usually a type of sexually-transmitted infection called trichomoniasis. Trichomoniasis is from a bug that’s spread throughout sexual contact. Women and men can get it, but ladies are who most frequently exhibit symptoms. It really is important that both menand ladies get treatment to stop the spread whether or not no symptoms are showing. Like another other STI, safe sexual practices seriously decrease the risk of contracting trichomoniasis.

Indications of trichomoniasis

As well as a green vaginal discharge, there could be other symptoms. A nasty vaginal odour could be noted. This odor could be especially strong after intercourse. Ladies could also experience tenderness, itching and burning, but irritation symptoms like this are not a duty to make a diagnosis. As mentioned earlier, men may not have any symptoms in any way. Ladies who've been infected with trichomoniasis often exhibit symptoms with five to 28 days.

obviously a green vaginal discharge isn't the only color discharge that can occur. You may also geta yellow discharge, grayish or any mix. The discharge will often be a foamy consistence. The stinky discharge is from the bacteria with in the discharge


There are straightforward available treatments. This infection is basically the commonest curable STI found in sexually active younger women. Treatment is composed of a single dose of prescribed medication that kills the parasite. Pregnant ladies need to test the medication is acceptable to use, some are but others aren't. It's feasible to be reinfected even though medicine is taken, so it's important to take preventive measures after the initial treatment.


Avoidance of STIs is best done by using a johnny, abstaining from sex, or only being intimate with a long-term, uninfected partner. Not only will safe sex stop sti’s but there are other health benifits. BV or bacterial vaginosis is an infection that may occur. Varied kinds of vaginal irritation are also less common when safe sex is practiced constantly.

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